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A safe, fun, loving place
for all children while
educating through excellence

300 Liberty St • Chesapeake, VA, 23839
(757) 494-3050

About Our Learning Academy


Beulah Duke Learning Academy seeks to provide a Christian education that gives every child a strong foundation that will equip them to function in today’s society and during life’s journey.

We believe that we are to be godly examples in the children’s lives by teaching them to have good
Christian character and academic excellence.


Our goal is to maximize the care provided to children by giving them an opportunity to get a Christian education, which we believe will be the foundation of their development.

We want children to believe in God, knowing that they can do all things through Christ, which is their strength.


We believe that the Bible is the primary foundation for growing young minds in the world we live in today.

By providing good leadership that pattern the ways of Christ, we are able to implement developmental appropriate principles in our curriculum.

  • The focus is hands-on learning from experience with a variety of classroom activities.
  • The environment and planned activities are designed to give opportunities for self- expression and the development of a positive image.
  • We strive for new and improved ways to enlighten children about the world around them by keeping them up with our society’s ever changing technological demands . We provide services that are second to none.

We target and hire highly qualified personnel who have a love and a passion for children.

Internal assessments are conducted periodically to ensure that we are not only meeting the qualifications, but exceeding the state requirements.

Ages 6 weeks to 12 years

6 a.m. to 6 p.m.